Commercial Insurance in Texas

SWH Insurance Agency, LLC of Whitesboro, TX wants you to obtain the commercial insurance coverage you need to protect your Texas business investment. While every business needs some business insurance, the policy type varies.

Most businesses outside the home require a business owners’ policy (BOP). This policy combines the most common coverage, including property and liability. Purchasing a BOP typically costs less than purchasing the policies separately.

Other types of commercial insurance also exist. These specialized insurance policies vary widely in the kind of coverage. A ballet studio might purchase glass insurance to replace the floor to ceiling mirrors that run in front of the barre, while a doctor’s office would need to have coverage for malpractice insurance. That bears similarity to and E & O policy, which stands for error and omissions. An E & O policy covers the cost of court settlement when a company’s product erroneously causes physical harm to an individual or group. Some E & O policies also protect a commercial venture from erroneous harm to reputation, such as a newspaper misquoting a person by mistake or misattributing a quote. The policy covers only genuine mistakes. A manufacturing plant might require boiler insurance while a pizza delivery restaurant needs commercial auto coverage on its fleet or drivers.

Many other types of commercial insurance exist, which is why it is best to consult with a knowledgeable insurance agent before making a purchase. Make an appointment with the agency to discuss your specific business’s insurance needs. A manufacturing plant requires different policies than a service-oriented business.

Contact SWH Insurance Agency, LLC, servicing Whitesboro, TX, for more information on obtaining the right commercial insurance for your company. Your commercial insurance coverage should protect your business from all likely risks. Let SWH Insurance Agency, LLC help you with your risk analysis.