Motorcycle Insurance in Texas

The feeling of driving your motorcycle along open Texas roads is thrilling. It’s an experience anyone would love to have.

Please don’t get carried away and start riding your bike as soon as you get it, though. Taking precautionary measures is essential. Wearing your helmet and other safety equipment is a must, but that’s not all.

You will also need insurance before you start blazing across the roads on the back of your motorcycle. At the SWH Insurance Agency, LLC, we are ready to assist all Whitesboro, TX residents seeking a plan of their own.

Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance in Texas?

After spending a good chunk of your savings on your new motorcycle, you may be thinking of potentially waiting a bit before you purchase an insurance plan. You can hold off on making that purchase if you like but know that it also means you won’t be able to use your motorcycle right away.

Just like auto insurance, motorcycle insurance is also a requirement in the Lone Star State, and you’re asking for trouble if you take to the road without it. Remember to save some money for your insurance plan if you intend to use your recently purchased motorcycle right away.

How Motorcycle Insurance Benefits Policyholders

Yes, motorcycle insurance is required, but even if it wasn’t, there are still valid reasons to purchase a policy.

Some drivers are not as careful around motorcycles as they are around cars, and that attitude can lead to accidents taking place. Your insurance can act as a safety net in case you’re involved in such an accident.

Insurance can also save you if your motorcycle is stolen, vandalized, or sustains fire damage. The bottom line is that the cost of paying for motorcycle insurance is more than worth it, considering the wide-ranging protection you will receive from your policy.

Texas residents don’t have to worry about finding a reputable insurance provider. At the SWH Insurance Agency, LLC in Whitesboro, TX, we are eager to present you with a range of plans to choose from. Pick the policy that suits you best and hit the road with your motorcycle, knowing that you are completely protected.