Are Your Belongings Covered if There’s a Flood?

A flood can cause a great deal of damage to your home’s structure and your possessions within your home. You may not be able to replace items of sentimental value, but you should secure a means of covering replacement and repair costs for your belongings in general. If you’re in the Whitesboro, TX area, our team at SWH Insurance Agency LLC can put together a flood insurance policy to fit your needs.

What Flood Insurance Covers

The average flood insurance policy only covers your home itself up to a certain amount of coverage. This is especially a good idea to have if you reside in an area considered a flood zone as the risk of such an event occurring and causing extreme damage is much higher.

Get an Additional Policy

You’d need to secure an additional policy outside of this to get your belongings covered by insurance. An independent agent can discuss what you’d like to be covered so that you can arrange for the appropriate amount in your policy. Companies have policy packages for such purposes, but you may have this adjusted depending on the company. You should go around your house and create an inventory, including photo documentation and receipts, of items you want to include.

SWH Insurance Agency LLC agents know the in’s and out’s of flood insurance. It can only benefit you to have a solid understanding of what’s not included in a basic flood insurance policy and items you know you’d like to replace. Still, you would be unable to do so if disaster strikes. Be prepared with insurance from our trusted agency that serves Whitesboro, TX, and beyond.

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While few teachers in Keller, TX received the new SWH Insurance Agency travel mugs, all teachers are welcome to call and receive the educator discounts some of our carriers offer. There is no obligation, only a free insurance review and quote.

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