What types of water damage do most flood insurance policies cover?

A flood insurance policy can cover a number of different types of water damage. Because of this, it is a policy type that is often recommended to clients of SWH Insurance Agency LLC who reside in the greater Whitesboro, TX area.

How to protect yourself from different types of water damage

Water damage protection and coverage can be confusing because of all the different types of water damage that can occur. In many instances, your protection will differ if your damage is caused by a flood, burst water main, interior pipes, or severe weather. To further confuse the matter, many homeowners’ policies will cover some types of damage but not others.

Even if you do not live in a confirmed flood area, flood insurance may still be necessary for your situation. It only makes sense to have all of the insurance protection that you need across a range of different types. If you want to have protection from all types of water damage causes, it makes sense to look into flood insurance today. 

Sitting down with an experienced agent can help you gain a better understanding of the different types of policies available and what type of protection you may need for your home. It’s time to take the guesswork out of flood insurance and protect your home today!

Find out more about available flood insurance policy options today

SWH Insurance Agency LLC is here to meet the insurance needs of the Whitesboro, TX community. If you have questions about flood insurance, we are here to help! Give us a call or stop by our office today.

Is Auto Insurance Required in Texas?

Drivers in Whitesboro, TX know how busy the roads in Texas can be, from residents to tourists… there’s traffic everywhere! Our highways and roads are becoming more and more accessible, which is convenient for residents. It also requires you to reevaluate your auto insurance policy to ensure you’ve got the best possible coverage for your lifestyle and needs. 

The team at SWH Insurance Agency LLC is here to help you with the daunting task of selecting an auto insurance policy. Texas state law requires that anyone operating a vehicle must maintain minimum coverage for their vehicle, to protect themselves and protect other drivers. 

Whether you travel for work, drive to pick up your kids from school and other activities, or just enjoy long road trips, auto insurance will give you the peace of mind in knowing that if something bad were to happen on the road, you’d be fully covered and not trapped with medical bills or repair charges that you can’t afford.

Financial hardship is one of the worst outcomes of accidents on the road. Everyone involved feels the effects of an accident, so we highly recommend looking into your coverage to make sure you are covered for your lifestyle. 

The risks associated with driving in Texas grow every year – the more people who move here, the more tourists that come to see what our great state is all about… it adds up to more drivers on the road and unfortunately, more accidents. 

You can protect yourself from these scenarios by investing in a high-quality auto insurance plan in Whitesboro, TX. Reaching out to the team at SWH Insurance Agency LLC may be the smartest thing you do as a Texas driver. Don’t hesitate, call us today! 

How Does Recreational Insurance Work?

Spending time in a recreational vehicle, also called an RV, can be a great way to travel and to see everything as you drive there. It’s a popular way to spend vacations and to work remotely while on the road. They offer a way to spend every night in your bed while going to new places as often as you desire. If you have questions about recreational insurance, call us at SWH Insurance Agency LLC in Whitesboro, TX.

A Home and a Vehicle

An RV is like a cross between a home and a vehicle, and it has some of the insurance needs of each. Much of the coverage available for recreational vehicles include protection against vehicle accidents and the damage and injuries they can cause. Getting liability for both medical bills and property damage is the minimum needed for an RV. However, because of the home component of the vehicle, you also need coverage for all of the items inside it. In an accident, important items like audio equipment can be damaged or destroyed. Your coverage can pay for this if it is added to the insurance policy. 

Factors in the Cost

Some people use their RV occasionally for a getaway. Others live in their vehicles either part-time or full-time. How often you use the vehicle is factored into the cost of your recreational insurance. The type of vehicle it is, i.e., which class it falls into, is also important to the price you pay. There are three classes of recreational vehicles, so it’s important to know which class your vehicle falls under before you get your recreational insurance. 

Get Your Recreational Policy

If you have a recreational vehicle that you use or even one that simply sits in your driveway, it should be covered by recreational insurance. Give us a call at SWH Insurance Agency LLC in Whitesboro, TX.


Texas Motorhome Insurance: How to Travel Safely With Children

The people of Texas really love their motorhomes, as they are a great way to take a vacation in and beyond the Lone Star State. With each trip comes a set of worries though, and you’ll want to be sure your motorhome insurance is up-to-date when the time comes for your next road adventure.

At SWH Insurance Agency LLC, we want Whitesboro, TX residents to be safe on the roads when traveling in your motorhome with your family. Follow these easy motorhome travel tips so that you can focus on the fun when traveling through your wide-open spaces.

Stay Seated

It’s tempting for the little ones to want to run around the motorhome when you are driving. There is more room to move around than during a road trip in the car. 

However, this is not always the safest option. Like any bus or plane trip, tell the kids to stay seated at all times unless they absolutely have to get up. Every turn or bump in the road could lead to a turn or bump with the kids.

Wear Your Seatbelts

For the same reason, seat belts should be mandatory in certain areas of the motorhome. When your living room is traveling 70 miles an hour on the highway, you want the kids to stay in one place.

Have the kids pick a zone that they will be comfortable in for as long as possible. If you need to make stops along the way for food, gas, or even a stretch, give them the hours or milestone marks where they know they will be able to get up and move around again.

It’s tempting to want to get up and move around. It’s not safe for the kids, or the driver.

Keep Them Busy

When your kids are anxious in a vehicle, it will impact your driving. Keep them busy in the motorhome with the same things you keep them busy with at home for extended periods. Headphones are useful, traveling when they are sleepy is also a good planning tool. Keep them busy, and you have one less thing to worry about on the roads.

Drive Safely

Before you head out on your next adventure, check your motorhome insurance policy and make sure you have every add-on and coverage you need. Adding roadside assistance and travel insurance to your policy will give you more peace of mind on the roads. At SWH Insurance Agency LLC, we want Whitesboro, TX residents to feel safe on the roads. Call us today to update your Texas motorhome insurance policy.

Did You Flip Your RV Without Insurance?

At SWH Insurance Agency LLC, we’ve worked with many Whitesboro, TX RV owners who have flipped their vehicles without insurance. Is there anything that you can do about this problem? The best course of action here is prevention – buying an RV policy before anything happens will give you the best way of managing this problem and saving yourself money at the same time.

What Happens If You Crash an RV Without Insurance?

If you flipped your RV without insurance, you’re going to have to pay for every element of this situation right out of your pocket. However, with an insurance policy, you wouldn’t have to find yourself paying for a variety of different things during this process, like:

  • Moving your vehicle with a tow truck after the accident 
  • Repair and replacement of your RV after the accident 
  • Fixing any items that may have been damaged in the crash 
  • Liability and health coverage for people you may have injured during the crash 
  • Legal bills that may otherwise occur due to your accident

Can anything be done after you’ve flipped your RV without an insurance policy? No, not really. You can’t buy a policy after a crash and try to apply it retroactively. As a result, it is best to be prepared and avoid this situation by shopping for an RV insurance policy right away. 

Don’t Neglect Help 

If you have yet to crash your RV and want to avoid the problems that this could cause, please call us today at SWH Insurance Agency LLC. We serve the Whitesboro, TX, area and provide you with the Help needed to choose a policy that makes sense for your needs. Our team will work directly with you to sort through your potential options and find the coverage that makes the most sense for you.

Types of Boat and Watercraft Insurance Coverage

How Much Coverage Do I Need for My Boat or Watercraft?

You’ve finally bought your dream boat and you’re ready to hit the open water! Often, the first question that hit most new boat owners after the first rush of emotions is: "How do I insure my new asset? Is my boat covered under my homeowner’s policy, or do I need separate insurance?" SWH Insurance Agency LLC serves clients in Whitesboro, TX and is here to answer all your boat insurance questions. 

The answer to both of the questions above is it depends. In Texas, most homeowner’s policies do cover damage to your boat, but only to a limited dollar amount. If you have a newer or more expensive boat, it’s wise to get a policy that will cover the full value of your watercraft in case of an accident or other damage. In addition, homeowner’s policies don’t cover liability, so at the very least you will need a separate liability policy to pay for medical bills and damages to other people’s watercraft. 

What Types of Boat and Watercraft Insurance Policies are Available?

In all likelihood, you’ll want to go beyond the bare minimum liability insurance required by Texas state law in order to protect your asset. Also, if you are financing or leasing your watercraft, your lender will have certain coverage requirements you’ll have to adhere to. SWH Insurance Agency offers several types of affordable, full coverage boat and watercraft insurance to make sure our clients are protected: 

  • General "All Risk" Policies An all risk policy is best for boats and watercraft under 27′ and covers a broad range of personal property damages, medical payments, uninsured boaters liability, towing and assistance, persona effects, and accessories. Normal wear and tear, scratches, dents, and manufacturer defects are typically excluded under this type of policy. When choosing an all risk policy, be sure to decide if you want an agreed value policy or an actual value policy. Agreed value policies cover the full cost to replace the boat on the day the policy is put into effect, which actual value policies cover the cash value of the boat at the time of the damage. In other words, coverage in actual value policies decreases over time with depreciation.
  • Yacht Policies You may not think of yourself as owning a yacht, but technically speaking any boat over 27′ is considered a yacht in the boating world. These policies offer all of the same categories of coverage as an all risk policy with higher limits and include additional coverages for larger boats that tend to cruise further and get exposed to more risks. Some examples of additional coverages provided by yacht insurance are hull insurance and replacement costs for partial losses. A yacht policy is a good idea for owners of larger boats who intend to sail longer distances. 

If all of this is beginning to sound too complicated, don’t worry! Contact SWH Insurance Agency LLC and we’ll have you out fishing, sailing, or boating in no time. Your insurance agent will go over all of your options with you and help you choose the right boat or watercraft insurance policy for your needs. 

How to prepare your home to prevent flood damage

Whether you live in a high-risk flood area or not, it’s crucial to formulate a plan to protect your home and family if mother nature decides to strike hard. The internet provides a lot of information on preparing your home for floods, but it’s essential to understand that your needs and risks may not be the same as those of your neighbor or friends.  Depending on where your property is located in Whitesboro, TX, you may want to learn whether it’s in a low or high-risk flood area to be well-prepared.  SWH Insurance Agency LLC shares a few tips for preparing your home for floods to get you in the right direction.

Assess your risk level

Before you start making any significant adjustments, it’s essential to know where your property stands.  Your risk is much higher if your home is located near a water body. Remember risk levels keep changing due to various constructions and infrastructure improvements in your area.

Elevate electrical components

Once you’ve established your risk level, start working on the most dangerous areas, such as electrical components. Water and electricity don’t always get along, so elevate your sockets, switches and wiring systems at least 12 inches above the expected flood level.

Waterproof your basement 

The basement is the most affected area in any home following a flood event. If you live in an area that is frequently flooded, you need to waterproof your basement before it becomes a nightmare for you and your family.

Create an evacuation plan

No matter the risk level, it’s always prudent to have an evacuation plan in case your home becomes inhabitable. Let your family know your plan and practice it frequently to make sure everyone knows what to do in the event of an emergency.

Get enough flood insurance

Don’t forget to buy enough flood insurance to replace and rebuild your home in case floods destroyed your home and your personal belongings.

Need to buy flood insurance in Whitesboro, TX? You’re in the right place. Our dedicated insurance agents at SWH Insurance Agency LLC can help you find a flood policy to protect your investment. Call us today.

Essential Auto Insurance Facts To Help Southwest Texas Drivers

SWH Insurance Agency LLC provides coverage to the Whitesboro, TX community. We strive to help our clients find policies to protect both themselves and their loved ones. We proudly serve as an independent insurance agency. We have relationships with multiple carriers, which allows us to assist you regardless of your needs.

Essential Auto Insurance Facts

While you explore the DFW area, you have to be aware of the risks associated with driving. It only takes a split second while you’re on the road for things to turn fatal. Auto insurance can give you peace of mind while you’re on the road. You are covered if your vehicle is damaged or you injure someone else. Here is a look at some essential auto insurance facts to remember while you are researching coverage.


It’s important to understand the key difference between collision and comprehensive auto insurance. Collision insurance protects your vehicle if you are involved in an accident with another vehicle or object. Comprehensive insurance covers your vehicle if it is stolen or damaged in a unique situation such as an accidental fire or inclement weather.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage protects you if you are ruled to be at fault for an accident. You are also covered if you hit a person or object. If you have a passenger in the vehicle and are injured, liability coverage takes care of their medical treatment.

Special Coverage

There are a few instances where you can amend your policy to add special coverage. If you are driving and your car breaks down, adding emergency assistance coverage allows you to receive urgent service. You can receive towing service, fuel, or help to change a tire.

SWH Insurance Agency LLC Will Help You Find The Right Policy

Visit our website to learn more information about auto insurance in the DFW area.  

What does motorhome insurance cover?

Motorhome insurance, also called RV insurance, is required by law if you plan to drive your vehicle around the Whitesboro, TX area. It may also be beneficial to consider an RV indemnity plan if you leave your camper parked in the driveway more often than not. What does motorhome insurance cover, though? How much do you need? The agents at SWH Insurance Agency LLC can help you sort through the red tape.

What does motorhome insurance cover?

In some ways, motorhome insurance operates like a standard auto insurance plan. You are required to have coverage that pays at least $30,000 for bodily injury per person ($60,000 per incident). You also need protection that pays $25,000 for property damage. 

Motorhome insurance goes a step further than auto insurance by covering appliances. A standard auto indemnity plan will not compensate for replacing your burned-out stove. In fact, the mere fact that you are trying to insure a vehicle with kitchen appliances is a turn-off for some providers. Only an RV indemnity plan can assure you to know you have adequate coverage. 

How much RV insurance do you need?

The amount of motorhome insurance you need depends on several factors. First, you need to determine how much you can afford. You should always consider full coverage but not be fearful of purchasing liability insurance.

Second, you need to decide the type of lifestyle you are either living or pursuing. Those in love with the great outdoors may find higher monthly premiums necessary to ensure financial stability. You may not need as much protection if you bring your RV out of the garage or driveway more often.

The agents at SWH Insurance Agency LLC in Whitesboro, TX can help you understand the details about motorhome insurance. Call us today to get started with a quote!

Who needs a recreational insurance plan in Texas?

People who live all over the Whitesboro, TX area will find many great places to spend time outdoors. Anyone who wants to enjoy them should consider getting a recreational toy, which will provide a lot of fun and excitement. If you are going to get a recreational toy here, you also need to get a recreational insurance policy. There are plenty of scenarios when someone wants this coverage. 

Those that Want to Protect Asset

You want to protect your assets from incidents that could happen at any time. A recreational asset could be a big investment and purchase to make. Those that do make this purchase will want to ensure that they are properly covered and protected at all times. With recreational insurance, you will know that you have the support to repair or replace the asset if it is damaged or stolen.

Those that Want Liability Coverage

A recreational insurance plan is also a good idea for someone that wants liability protection. Some significant liability risks come when operating any recreational asset. If you cause an accident, you will need to pay for the damages. As this could end up being a significant expense, having the necessary liability insurance in place will prove to be helpful if you are ever named in a liability claim.

Having a proper recreational insurance plan is important for those that are in the Whitesboro, TX area. If you would like to get insurance coverage here for your recreational asset, it would be helpful for you to call SWH Insurance Agency LLC. The insurance team with SWH Insurance Agency LLC can help answer your questions and give all the necessary support to pick a plan.