How to prepare your home to prevent flood damage

Whether you live in a high-risk flood area or not, it’s crucial to formulate a plan to protect your home and family if mother nature decides to strike hard. The internet provides a lot of information on preparing your home for floods, but it’s essential to understand that your needs and risks may not be the same as those of your neighbor or friends.  Depending on where your property is located in Whitesboro, TX, you may want to learn whether it’s in a low or high-risk flood area to be well-prepared.  SWH Insurance Agency LLC shares a few tips for preparing your home for floods to get you in the right direction.

Assess your risk level

Before you start making any significant adjustments, it’s essential to know where your property stands.  Your risk is much higher if your home is located near a water body. Remember risk levels keep changing due to various constructions and infrastructure improvements in your area.

Elevate electrical components

Once you’ve established your risk level, start working on the most dangerous areas, such as electrical components. Water and electricity don’t always get along, so elevate your sockets, switches and wiring systems at least 12 inches above the expected flood level.

Waterproof your basement 

The basement is the most affected area in any home following a flood event. If you live in an area that is frequently flooded, you need to waterproof your basement before it becomes a nightmare for you and your family.

Create an evacuation plan

No matter the risk level, it’s always prudent to have an evacuation plan in case your home becomes inhabitable. Let your family know your plan and practice it frequently to make sure everyone knows what to do in the event of an emergency.

Get enough flood insurance

Don’t forget to buy enough flood insurance to replace and rebuild your home in case floods destroyed your home and your personal belongings.

Need to buy flood insurance in Whitesboro, TX? You’re in the right place. Our dedicated insurance agents at SWH Insurance Agency LLC can help you find a flood policy to protect your investment. Call us today.

Essential Auto Insurance Facts To Help Southwest Texas Drivers

SWH Insurance Agency LLC provides coverage to the Whitesboro, TX community. We strive to help our clients find policies to protect both themselves and their loved ones. We proudly serve as an independent insurance agency. We have relationships with multiple carriers, which allows us to assist you regardless of your needs.

Essential Auto Insurance Facts

While you explore the DFW area, you have to be aware of the risks associated with driving. It only takes a split second while you’re on the road for things to turn fatal. Auto insurance can give you peace of mind while you’re on the road. You are covered if your vehicle is damaged or you injure someone else. Here is a look at some essential auto insurance facts to remember while you are researching coverage.


It’s important to understand the key difference between collision and comprehensive auto insurance. Collision insurance protects your vehicle if you are involved in an accident with another vehicle or object. Comprehensive insurance covers your vehicle if it is stolen or damaged in a unique situation such as an accidental fire or inclement weather.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage protects you if you are ruled to be at fault for an accident. You are also covered if you hit a person or object. If you have a passenger in the vehicle and are injured, liability coverage takes care of their medical treatment.

Special Coverage

There are a few instances where you can amend your policy to add special coverage. If you are driving and your car breaks down, adding emergency assistance coverage allows you to receive urgent service. You can receive towing service, fuel, or help to change a tire.

SWH Insurance Agency LLC Will Help You Find The Right Policy

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What does motorhome insurance cover?

Motorhome insurance, also called RV insurance, is required by law if you plan to drive your vehicle around the Whitesboro, TX area. It may also be beneficial to consider an RV indemnity plan if you leave your camper parked in the driveway more often than not. What does motorhome insurance cover, though? How much do you need? The agents at SWH Insurance Agency LLC can help you sort through the red tape.

What does motorhome insurance cover?

In some ways, motorhome insurance operates like a standard auto insurance plan. You are required to have coverage that pays at least $30,000 for bodily injury per person ($60,000 per incident). You also need protection that pays $25,000 for property damage. 

Motorhome insurance goes a step further than auto insurance by covering appliances. A standard auto indemnity plan will not compensate for replacing your burned-out stove. In fact, the mere fact that you are trying to insure a vehicle with kitchen appliances is a turn-off for some providers. Only an RV indemnity plan can assure you to know you have adequate coverage. 

How much RV insurance do you need?

The amount of motorhome insurance you need depends on several factors. First, you need to determine how much you can afford. You should always consider full coverage but not be fearful of purchasing liability insurance.

Second, you need to decide the type of lifestyle you are either living or pursuing. Those in love with the great outdoors may find higher monthly premiums necessary to ensure financial stability. You may not need as much protection if you bring your RV out of the garage or driveway more often.

The agents at SWH Insurance Agency LLC in Whitesboro, TX can help you understand the details about motorhome insurance. Call us today to get started with a quote!

Who needs a recreational insurance plan in Texas?

People who live all over the Whitesboro, TX area will find many great places to spend time outdoors. Anyone who wants to enjoy them should consider getting a recreational toy, which will provide a lot of fun and excitement. If you are going to get a recreational toy here, you also need to get a recreational insurance policy. There are plenty of scenarios when someone wants this coverage. 

Those that Want to Protect Asset

You want to protect your assets from incidents that could happen at any time. A recreational asset could be a big investment and purchase to make. Those that do make this purchase will want to ensure that they are properly covered and protected at all times. With recreational insurance, you will know that you have the support to repair or replace the asset if it is damaged or stolen.

Those that Want Liability Coverage

A recreational insurance plan is also a good idea for someone that wants liability protection. Some significant liability risks come when operating any recreational asset. If you cause an accident, you will need to pay for the damages. As this could end up being a significant expense, having the necessary liability insurance in place will prove to be helpful if you are ever named in a liability claim.

Having a proper recreational insurance plan is important for those that are in the Whitesboro, TX area. If you would like to get insurance coverage here for your recreational asset, it would be helpful for you to call SWH Insurance Agency LLC. The insurance team with SWH Insurance Agency LLC can help answer your questions and give all the necessary support to pick a plan. 

Who needs RV insurance in Texas?

Those from Whitesboro, TX will know that there are many great spots to travel to in the local area. If you are interested in exploring this area as much as possible, having an RV is a great option. While an RV can offer you many opportunities for fun, it is also a responsibility that needs to be covered with insurance. There are many scenarios when having RV insurance coverage in Texas is a necessity. 

When You Take Out an RV Loan

There are many situations in which taking out a loan to buy the RV will make sense. If you finance your RV purchase with a loan, you will have requirements that need to be met in terms of insurance. The RV lender will want to know that their collateral is secure and will want to ensure that you have a full collision and comprehensive policy in place at all times. 

When Driving RV

You should also get RV insurance if you intend to drive the RV on a public road. Anyone that is going to RV will need to comply with state laws regarding liability insurance. Similar to driving another type of vehicle, RV owners need to carry a full liability insurance plan at all times. If you do not have this protection, you will violate Texas state law. 

When you are an RV owner in the Whitesboro, TX area, it would be a good idea to speak with SWH Insurance Agency LLC about your insurance needs. SWH Insurance Agency LLC can help you assess your needs regarding coverage and then explain your options. This guidance will make it much easier for you to choose the right plan for your situation. 

Why would a boat owner need boat insurance in Texas?

The hot summer months in Whitesboro, TX can make anyone want to find a cool way to beat the summer heat. People can do this here by getting a boat and enjoying all of the local lakes. If you decide to buy a boat here, you will need to insure it the right way. There are several reasons why someone in this area of the state will need to get boat insurance.

Insurance Protects Owner

People need to get boat insurance because it can protect the owner of a boat. A boat owner that invests in boat insurance will benefit in several ways. Those who have this coverage will enjoy the protection they receive for their asset and valuable liability protection. This way, you are covered if your boat is stolen or in an accident that results in damage. 

Insurance is Required

You would also need boat insurance because it could be required for you. Many boat owners will take out a loan when they try to buy the boat. If this is the case for you, your boat loan provider will want to know that you have proper insurance in place. This coverage is required as it ultimately protects their loan collateral. 

Boat owners in Whitesboro, TX need to make sure that they get proper insurance. If you are looking for a new insurance plan here, you should call the team with SWH Insurance Agency, LLC. All of the insurance professionals at SWH Insurance Agency, LLC understands the need to have proper coverage. We can help you build a plan to protect your boat and give you peace of mind. Contact our office to speak with an agent about your options.

Are Your Belongings Covered if There’s a Flood?

A flood can cause a great deal of damage to your home’s structure and your possessions within your home. You may not be able to replace items of sentimental value, but you should secure a means of covering replacement and repair costs for your belongings in general. If you’re in the Whitesboro, TX area, our team at SWH Insurance Agency LLC can put together a flood insurance policy to fit your needs.

What Flood Insurance Covers

The average flood insurance policy only covers your home itself up to a certain amount of coverage. This is especially a good idea to have if you reside in an area considered a flood zone as the risk of such an event occurring and causing extreme damage is much higher.

Get an Additional Policy

You’d need to secure an additional policy outside of this to get your belongings covered by insurance. An independent agent can discuss what you’d like to be covered so that you can arrange for the appropriate amount in your policy. Companies have policy packages for such purposes, but you may have this adjusted depending on the company. You should go around your house and create an inventory, including photo documentation and receipts, of items you want to include.

SWH Insurance Agency LLC agents know the in’s and out’s of flood insurance. It can only benefit you to have a solid understanding of what’s not included in a basic flood insurance policy and items you know you’d like to replace. Still, you would be unable to do so if disaster strikes. Be prepared with insurance from our trusted agency that serves Whitesboro, TX, and beyond.

3 Tips for Purchasing Auto Insurance in Texas

We all know it’s mandatory to have auto insurance in Whitesboro, TX. If this is your first time buying auto insurance, you may think you can’t afford it or that the task itself is daunting. However, when you follow the three simple tips outlined by SWH Insurance Agency, LLC below, you’ll see that buying auto insurance is both attainable and hassle-free. Read on to learn more:

1. Work with a Reputable Insurance Agent

For starters, work with a reputable insurance agent to ensure you get a reliable policy for a great price. These knowledgeable agents will ask you a few questions to determine your auto insurance needs and budget and then pinpoint quotes for you to go over. During this time, ask all the questions you want. That’s what the agent is there for – to guide you through the auto insurance buying process hassle-free.

2. Compare Several Quotes

Your trusted insurance agent will help you compare several quotes. We recommend looking at at least three different quotes to compare cost and coverage. The policies are straightforward, and your agent will explain everything to you. Afterward, take as much time as you need to make a decision. We’ll be here when you’re ready. 

3. Bundle Your Policies

Consider bundling your new auto insurance policy with other policies you have to save on your monthly or quarterly premiums. You can do this by bundling under your existing carrier or switching to a new one.

To learn more about purchasing auto insurance in Whitesboro, TX, contact the friendly team at SWH Insurance Agency, LLC today. Our reputable agents are standing by to take your call at 903-564-5216.

How to avoid pet-related damages and injuries at home

According to ASPCA, about half of American homes own a cat or a dog. Others own other types of pets or both. Pet ownership gives you full responsibility and ownership of the animal, which means cleaning their mess and dealing with injuries and damage that come with pet ownership.

Now, if you own an accident-prone animal in Whitesboro, TX, the chances are that you may end up incurring substantial financial losses due to lawsuits, injuries, or property damage. The good news, however, is that home insurance cover pets.

 So, how do you keep them safe? Here are a few ways.

Create a door or window for your pet to pass

Pets have a problem opening our heavy doors and may get hurt in the process. To make entry and exit more comfortable for your pet, SWH Insurance Agency LLC recommends creating a small-sized window or door for your pet to pass every time they want to go out. You can create an opening at the door or next to the door; make sure it is not too high.

Train on biting practices

Puppies and kittens like to bite anything they come across, from furniture to the flowers outside. They can sometimes snip your fingers and leave them bleeding. To control a puppy’s biting ways, you need to train them while young to avoid future accidents with other people.

Teach your pet how to behave with visitors

Pet injuries are common in Whitesboro, TX, and can quickly convert into lawsuits depending on who was harmed. Pets can get agitated with strangers as they see them as potential threats. However, with proper training on approaching visitors, your pet can interact well with the people surrounding them, including friends, neighbors, and strangers.

Looking after your pet well is an essential step in keeping your pet safe and other people around it. It will also help you avoid unnecessary home insurance claims. For more information, feel free to visit us at SWH Insurance Agency, LLC, today.

What Small Business Owners Need to Know About Commercial Insurance

Few things in life can provide as much satisfaction as owning your own business. Along with all of the significant aspects of business ownership, though, comes a great sense of responsibility. Your customers and employees depend on you to provide protection for the business against many of life’s uncertainties. Having the appropriate commercial insurance in place can make this easy. At SWH Insurance Agency, LLC serving Whitesboro, TX, we can help you better understand your insurance options. 

What is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is a suite of insurance products that can help business owners protect their investments of both time and money. Disasters such as fires, natural disasters, or burglaries can potentially leave your company financially vulnerable. Having adequate insurance in place can help offset the expenses that can be caused by these events. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

Commercial insurance can be customized for each business owner, but in general, it will cover the following areas:

  • Property Damage: Property damage coverage can be necessary if there is damage to the physical property of your business or to any equipment you use to run your business. Without this vital coverage, repairs or replacement of damaged property will come out of your pocket. 
  • Vehicle Coverage: If you use vehicles to run your business, you will need auto insurance coverage in order to operate these vehicles safely and legally. Commercial insurance for vehicles works very similarly to regular auto insurance, but with some differences, which you can discuss with an insurance representative. 
  • Liability: Liability coverage is essential to the financial survival of your business. If a customer or employee is injured at your place of business or your goods or services, you could be held liable for those expenses. 

If you would like to learn more about commercial insurance, please contact our staff today at SWH Insurance Agency, LLC serving Whitesboro, TX.