What types of water damage do most flood insurance policies cover?

A flood insurance policy can cover a number of different types of water damage. Because of this, it is a policy type that is often recommended to clients of SWH Insurance Agency LLC who reside in the greater Whitesboro, TX area.

How to protect yourself from different types of water damage

Water damage protection and coverage can be confusing because of all the different types of water damage that can occur. In many instances, your protection will differ if your damage is caused by a flood, burst water main, interior pipes, or severe weather. To further confuse the matter, many homeowners’ policies will cover some types of damage but not others.

Even if you do not live in a confirmed flood area, flood insurance may still be necessary for your situation. It only makes sense to have all of the insurance protection that you need across a range of different types. If you want to have protection from all types of water damage causes, it makes sense to look into flood insurance today. 

Sitting down with an experienced agent can help you gain a better understanding of the different types of policies available and what type of protection you may need for your home. It’s time to take the guesswork out of flood insurance and protect your home today!

Find out more about available flood insurance policy options today

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