How Does Recreational Insurance Work?

Spending time in a recreational vehicle, also called an RV, can be a great way to travel and to see everything as you drive there. It’s a popular way to spend vacations and to work remotely while on the road. They offer a way to spend every night in your bed while going to new places as often as you desire. If you have questions about recreational insurance, call us at SWH Insurance Agency LLC in Whitesboro, TX.

A Home and a Vehicle

An RV is like a cross between a home and a vehicle, and it has some of the insurance needs of each. Much of the coverage available for recreational vehicles include protection against vehicle accidents and the damage and injuries they can cause. Getting liability for both medical bills and property damage is the minimum needed for an RV. However, because of the home component of the vehicle, you also need coverage for all of the items inside it. In an accident, important items like audio equipment can be damaged or destroyed. Your coverage can pay for this if it is added to the insurance policy. 

Factors in the Cost

Some people use their RV occasionally for a getaway. Others live in their vehicles either part-time or full-time. How often you use the vehicle is factored into the cost of your recreational insurance. The type of vehicle it is, i.e., which class it falls into, is also important to the price you pay. There are three classes of recreational vehicles, so it’s important to know which class your vehicle falls under before you get your recreational insurance. 

Get Your Recreational Policy

If you have a recreational vehicle that you use or even one that simply sits in your driveway, it should be covered by recreational insurance. Give us a call at SWH Insurance Agency LLC in Whitesboro, TX.